May. 30th, 2016 07:06 pm
Anyone attempting to get in direct contact with Prima will more than likely be using his Acolyte to request it. A slim drone as silver as its master, it moves with a purposeful bearing and seems to always be attending some job or another, but it seems willing enough to spare a few moments.

Feel free to RP out the contact, or to simply give a summary.
[If you chose to follow the summons, the Elevator Doors are standing just as they have been, in the center of Prima's tower. Around them is a beautifully gilded mural of runes, with an inner light that seems to make them glow.

Glowing, however, is a constant in Prima's temple.

Thed open at your approach, and will close behind you once you have entered. From there, they proceed UP.

When you disembark, you'd find yourself somewhere high in his tower of light. You aren't quite as high as the lamp itself, but rather on an observational deck, where smooth glass windows let in the light's brilliance and show the entire Haven laid out below.

It is spectacular.

Prima himself is not in attendance immediately, leaving you time to look around. However, it would be only a few minutes before he arrived seemingly from nowhere, managing to make it even brighter in the room somehow.

As a direct individual, he gets immediately to the point.]

My brethren and I will be leaving the Haven shortly.

[He pauses, to let this sink in.]

This departure may be nearly permanent for the forseeable future. There is a lot of work to be done inside of Cybertron before Primus will return, and I intend to spend every hour necessary to do this.

As such, I wanted to make myself available to you before I left, should there be any questions you have.


The conversation will continue on from this point depending on how you respond below. Sae will be around to answer this log until the 1st of January, at which point anything not wrapped up will be summarized. Regardless of what turns the topic takes, Prima has gifts for his aligned:

A single, glowing crystal.

While the crystal itself can be used as a source of light (or energy, for those daring enough to hook it to a generator or Primus-forbid
eat it), it has a secondary purpose.

It keeps you looking

When held and concentrated on, the crystal will remove all unwanted dirt, grease, fluid, and debris from the user and his clothing/armor. It acts as a 'field shower,' keeping Prima's aligned looking ready to take on the enemy and lead troops into battle no matter how difficult times get.

Although it does not actually heal wounds itself, it can act as a very useful tool for cleaning them.

It also makes a splendid gift, as the power can be used by anyone. You may wish to keep it close, however...supplies are limited!


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